Emmental viewMake a pit stop for your wellbeing in Langnau, Emmental

 Take a break on the exciting Grand Tour of Switzerland:

  • Refreshing beer (or non alcoholic drink) at the Bier garden on your arrival
  • Overnight stay in a comfortable double room
  • Exclusive 4 part gourmet menu at Gasthof zum goldenen Löwen with candle light and  tasteful ambiance (excl. drinks)
  • Rich breakfast buffet the next morning before the continuation of your journey through the beautiful Emmental
  • Parking free of charge


CHF 159.- per person in double room
CHF 196.- per person in single room

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Grand Tour of Switzerland

On the Grand Tour of Switzerland the journey is its own reward. This route will take you 1000 miles through four different language regions, over five Alpine passes, to eleven UNESCO World Heritage Sites as well as two biospheres and along 22 lakes. This tour provides a full experience of Switzerland, with exquisite scenic views and cultural jewels.

More information about the Grand Tour of Switzerland can be found here at Swiss tourism.